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Camille MacLean: Edmonton's Streetwear Queen

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Camille MacLean takes over the PARKSHOP Blog

My style journey started in the magazine aisle at Superstore. While my parents did their daily grocery shopping, I would be posted up in the magazine section flipping through pages of XXL, Vibe and The Source Magazine, and drooling over all the urban fashion campaigns. I finally had a chance to see fashion in real life during a five-day visit to Paris where I was introduced to street style and high-end fashion. As bad as it sounds, I spent more time people watching than actually taking in the art, but everyone was dressed so sharp. From oversized coats to black quilted Chanel bags to gazing at designers like Givenchy, YSL (before Saint Laurent), and Christian Dior. Of course, at the time, I couldn’t afford these pieces but just seeing them made me appreciate the craftsmanship and history of each garment. It wasn’t until visiting New York where I really got to see the streetwear side - the real runway was definitely on the streets. From Bape, Supreme, Stussy, and LRG, it became a revaluation. People would combine streetwear brands with high end. They’d wear Givenchy rottweiler tees with Jordan 1 sneakers or Bapesta sneakers. So from there, I took those two components and added my own sassy and tomboyish flavour to it!

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as a mix of sporty-chic and adventurous because I love to be cozy but always open to experimenting. Athleisure has become such a dominant style, especially in streetwear fashion. You have folks pulling up to Paris Fashion Week in Jordan 1’s and puffer jackets.

What does it mean to “Style Your Life?”

Think of it like this: if your life was an outfit, how would you style it? For me, I style my life in terms of what I wear, where I travel, the creative projects I'm working on, and most importantly, what I have learned and acquired on my journey so far. There is more to me than my outfit. I like to learn as much as I can about myself and don’t like to be put in a box. There are moments where I reflect on how far I have come creatively and that alone gives me validation. I know I have grown a lot in terms of writing, visual content, personal style and life experiences.

Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

It comes from 90’s hip-hop music because it was definitely the golden era in both music and style. Aaliyah, A$AP Rocky, Vashtie, Pharrell and Aleali May are people I study not just in areas of style but overall creativity. Each person wears multiple hats whether it be fashion, music, styling, producing and DJing. They definitely know how to stand out from the crowd, and I find when you can do that, people are more likely to gravitate towards you. And they’re fresh when it comes to streetwear fashion! Also, my surroundings, as well as traveling, helps a lot. It allows you to experience something you’re not used to seeing and wearing and that’s what makes fashion so fun!

What draws you to a piece?

Definitely the quality! Normally it costs more but at the same time it will last longer than one season and will never go out of style. Oh, and I also have to visualize the piece matching a pair of my sneakers.

How do you style your looks? 

I literally start with the shoe (usually a sneaker) and build around it. My favorite sneaker to build around is the Air Jordan Bred 1 for it's super sleek and simple look.

How has your style evolved over the years?

I would say that my style before did not correlate to who I was and what I liked. I used to be girly and conform to what others wore and liked. It got to the point where I didn’t feel confident and appreciate who I was. Now I can happily say that my style has allowed me to embrace my womanhood and to not follow what everyone else likes and, most importantly, not conform to traditional stereotypes in terms of how women should act and dress! Girl if I wanna rock Jordan’s and baggy jeans, best believe imma do it and make it look sexy!

What is your favourite piece from PARKSHOP?

Definitely the SP Badu x PARK 2.0 Fanny pack! It’s sleek, versatile and made for every season. I haven’t been too big on bags lately because I am always on the go so the fanny pack is perfect. It sits nicely on your body and you don’t have to worry about it falling off. Read more about the SP x PARK fanny pack. 

If you could wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

OMG! I can’t choose one thing, that’s impossible! I’ll give ya’ll a fit! Definitely my PARKSHOP oversized camp jacket *wink wink* paired with my black Alexander Wang shoulder bag, black denim, gold hoops, Fenty beauty on the face and my Aleali May Jordan 1’s on feet.

How do you want to grow Style Your Life XO and what can we expect from you?

I want to grow even more in areas of creativity! I love styling myself but want to showcase my styling skills on other people for I enjoy styling a lot. I remember staying up until 3 am in my room just putting looks together and planning out days to shoot them on my tripod in a public setting. I would really like to become an entrepreneur and do everything I love for a living, and to just be free! 


For more PARKSHOP @ourparkshop
For more Camille @styleyourlife.xo


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