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The Fashion Report 2.0

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Sara is back with another Fashion Trend Report! Here's round 2 of the pieces and trends we're obsessed with. 

The Red Dress 

The Holidays are right around the corner and the search for the perfect dress is on. We go from store to store, from rack to rack, dreaming and fantasizing about it, and nothing will stop us from finding the one. But what exactly do we want? Black is always a safe go-to but it can be a little predictable this time of the year. On the other hand, while the holidays are about glitz and glam you don't want to be too over the top. We need an in between. Red maybe? It hides what we want and shows off those curves. We have a winner here. Red is the perfect colour choice; its glamorous yet classy, but stands out. It's the colour of winter, and not to mention it'll make everyone jealous they didn't get their hands on it sooner. Break it out after the holiday season for a birthday dinner or the next party that is just around the corner. Pair it with some statement jewellery from Biko. 

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xThose things Canadian call Toques 

Only people from Canada know what a toque is which is why we're the best at rocking them. Not only are they the perfect accessory to keep you warm and protected from the cold but also the bad hair days. Toques are an easy way to incorporate a pop of colour into an outfit, and don't even get us started on the texture options! You can have a different toque for every day of the month. But hands down, the best part about toques is the price. They're an affordable way to accessorize an outfit, and an easy solution when you're trying to find a gift for that person who isn't really a friend but you still have to get them something. Get 'em a toque, no one ever has enough! 


Fancy Leggings 

We all have those days where jeans are our worst enemy but we still have to look presentable. So what do you do? Throw on some fancy leggings! Mesh, faux leather, patterns, just like toques the options are endless. We have the perfect fancy leggings from Edmonton's favourite activewear brand, Mia West. Not only do they have extra deep pockets but they also feature hints of mesh detailing. Hit the gym (or not, we don't judge) and then toss on an oversized dress shirt or your favourite chunky sweater and bam--you're supermodel chic without any hassle. Comfort doesn't have to be unfashionable, we promise. 


Extra! But in a good way

We all have a friend or know a friend of a friend, who likes to be over the top with everything they do. At times it can be a little annoying but other times it can be an inspiration. Especially when they express themselves through their clothing. They wear crazy colours, aren't afraid of pairing patterns together and love their bling, bling, bling. Maybe instead of cringing, we should start taking notes. We should all step outside of our comfort zone from time to time and try something totally new. Sequins are a great first step to transforming into the obnoxious friend. Not only will all eyes be glued to you but you'll instantly go from feeling like a 0 to a 100. It's an instant confidence boost. 


The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Skinny? Flare? High-waisted? Black? Blue? Wait how much are these? The Denim Struggle is probably the one thing we all have in common. It takes so long to find the perfect pair of jeans that makes you feel amazing, stay within your budget, and stand the test of time. We don't want fading, we don't want ripping, and we don't want them to lose their shape. 
Luckily, Arturo denim has come to our rescue. Choose from three washes of Japanese denim with 2% stretch so you can pig out without feeling the consequences. But there's more. Not only do they provide free retailing at their 124th location but each pair of jeans comes with a 1-year warranty! Plus, you're shopping local. 


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