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MANNAT'S MODE: Coming to PARKSHOP this spring.

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#MANNATSMODE: Mannat Kahlon talks her debut collection

Mannat Kahlon is the perfect representation of what a PARKSHOP woman is all about - a creative drive, a hectic schedule, and an appreciation for well-designed clothing. Not only is she a marketer, professor, and content creator but she is also a fashion designer. MANNAT'S MODE, her debut collection, features dreamy, airy pieces with gold detailing and skin-baring cutouts AND will be available at PARKSHOP! 
Read more about MANNAT'S MODE in our interview with Mannat
When did you first become interested in fashion and what intrigued you?
I became interested in fashion from watching my mom dress up when I was younger. I was born in India and my dad was in the military, so I always watched my mom get dressed up for formal military dinner parties with the utmost panache and strong sense of self. She is so charming, I was always left ogling at her as she walked out the door. The two designers that really made an impact on me are Elie Saab and Sabyasachi. They have both been able to fuse their roots into mainstream contemporary fashion and it is just magical. I love that they both didn’t lose their intrinsic ethnic sensibilities to conform to runways around the world. Instead, the world adjusted to their genius, and still continues to, to this day.
How has your fashion and sense of style evolved over the years?
Oh my god! Like everyone else, I have gone through some interesting phases. Velvet, animal print, all denim (not done in a good way) – you name it. I think the best part about looking back though is in that moment I really seemed to LOVE what I was wearing. And that makes me happy. I dress for myself and like my fashion to reflect my present state of mind and style sensibility.
What led you to decide it was time to launch your debut collection and what was the process?
Creative hunger. Those are the two words that come to mind as to why I decided to launch this line. I decided to do more of what makes me happy and fashion is a huge part of that. Instead of watching other people chase their dreams (on social media and offline), I decided it was time to be more productive and take steps to chase my own dreams. As for the process, a lot of trial and error. I don’t really have a godfather in the industry to lead me through the process. So everything is a risk and a gamble. Some have paid off and some haven’t. At the end of the day though, having a very strong work ethic, passion for my craft and an extremely supportive network of friends and family pushed me to finally take the plunge. The steps and processes are ever changing to adjust to the need of the hour. Researching definitely helps! If you are confused, literally google it. I find the more time I put into the planning phase, the more smoothly my execution runs. So don't rush, and don't compromise on research and planning.
What inspires your creativity?
My creativity is inspired by being in a happy state of mind. And trust me - that alone takes a lot of work. I’m usually able to think on my feet, be productive and put stuff together if I am just happy. So as soon as something is jeopardizing my happiness, I know its time for some self-care and to re-set my creativity and happiness meter. Additionally, my roots in India, my travels, (I have lived in India, Thailand, United States and Canada and have visited over 15 countries and counting), international runways to my mother’s style (and her paintings) are all sources of strong inspiration.
What can we expect from your first line? 
I am so so excited for this debut collection! My line (just like my inspirations mentioned earlier) is a fuse of my roots and contemporary ready-to-wear fashion. I want everyone to feel like they are wearing a piece specially tailor-made for them. There are pieces with the lotus flower which my favourite flower because it signifies resilience. It can grow and flourish beautifully in any environment. There are also pieces with gold wirework and gold foil work that I absolutely love. They are minimalist, yet trendsetting. The line itself is unique and versatile. Every piece can be dressed up or dressed down.
Who is the ideal woman you have in mind when designing your clothes?
The ideal woman for this line is a professional or creative who likes to effortlessly up her fashion game. The line has something for every mood – I have pants that are work friendly, off shoulder tops that are dinner party ready, tank tops that can you can layer with or wear to a bar and cut out dresses ready to transport you to a music fest in the summer.   
What have you liked the most about launching your line as a Canadian designer?
My favourite part has actually been getting exposed to other Canadian designers and all the local love present here in Edmonton. The community is small but strong and united. It's awesome to see companies like PARKSHOP because they help promote and give platforms for people to change their dreams from visions to reality. And places like West Edmonton Mall are willing to give concepts like RAAS a chance to bring local talent into the forefront and be exposed to the general public this way. This is a new era in Canadian fashion and I am so excited to be a part of this wave.
What are your hopes for Mannat's Mode?
    My hopes for Mannat's Mode are to put out quality products and to help women feel motivated to chase their dreams. I looked up to other brands and their stories when I was toying with the idea of launching my own line. Even if I can influence 1 person to persevere and not give up their dream, no matter what profession they are in, I would feel accomplished. I hope everyone who wears my pieces feels like they can conquer the world because that’s what I feel like when I am working on my brand. The world is your oyster. I just want to help women dress the part when they are going out there and owning it.
    Not only have you designed a debut collection, but you’ve also re-branded your online presence. What made you want to delve into blogging and what has your experience been like so far?
    I have been blogging informally on and off since I was 17. As the ideas of launching my own line solidified, I wanted to make sure I had a strong brand presence online. I guess that's the marketer in me. And as I started writing content for my website that aligned with my brand, I realized the whole foundation of Mannat's Mode is to motivate people to chase their dreams. So why not make Mannat's Mode a whole movement consisting of: what led me here, how this line has helped satisfy my creative hunger, what are some things I do on the daily or weekly basis to make sure I am actively trying to live my best life.
    As I started putting out content, my readers started contributing to what kind of posts and blogs they wanted to see. So Mannat's Mode is evolving into a melting pot of creative ideas, an easy read, tips and tricks on self-care and again – motivation: to never give up chasing your dreams. 
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    • Jassi : March 10, 2018

      A very interesting read Mannat. I like you want others to follow their dreams too like you did yours.
      That feeling of caring with ensure success for you.
      God bless and god speed.

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