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Our Fave Fashion Trends

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Our youngest stylist, Sara, shares her favourite winter fashion trends and fashion inspirations in our latest blog post. Learn four easy ways to dress up, accessorize, and bring some life back to your outfits. What are your favourite trends?


    Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans, whatever fit and style you prefer denim is all the rage. But no one wants to spend the entire day pulling up their once-fresh-and-tight jeans that are now falling to their knees. While we may not have the perfect solution for your loose jean dilemma, we know a stylish fix: Belts! They’re a total lifesaver. Not only do they give you a more visible shape, but belts also have the ability to add different textures and materials to any look. Jewelry can easily be paired with the embellishments on your belt to create a bold look. Not a sufferer of loose jean dilemma? Wrap a belt around a blazer to instantly amplify your look! 
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     The Oversized Dress Shirt

    The oversized dress shirt is a piece everyone should have in their closets because they are the perfect go-to piece for any occasion. Whether it's a casual summer BBQ or a dressy Christmas buffet, you'll look great and hide that holiday food baby. Pair with a belt for a more sleek and polished look or create the ultimate slouchy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. The oversized dress shirt has been showcased a lot over the last few months and is definitely going to be around for more. We can’t get enough of these tops because, while more of a masculine piece, they make any outfit look chic and feminine. If you want to look like a badass and an angel you need one of these tops in your life. Trust us, you won’t regret it.
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    Oriental and Floral Print

    For decades fashion has been evolving into a force which allows us to express our individuality. We try new things out and never, okay rarely, look back at the fads that did everyone so wrong. Luckily the floral print was a success. 2017 has been the year a variety of different floral prints emerged amongst the fashion industry. Flowers were everywhere  in the Women's Gucci Fall Winter 2017 Runway. The sleek look of a brightly coloured floral pattern against a solid background really helps settle the pattern and make it the focus. Fashion powerhouses took a sophisticated, yet loud, approach to a trend which made its debut way back in the 1400s. We know it seems like forever ago, but we have to appreciate how these trends started and find inspiration to influence today’s fashion era.
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    Mesh, mesh, mesh! 

    We all know a Canadian winter is a cold winter. We do everything we can, and we wear everything we can, to stay toasty warm while walking around the streets searching for the perfect coffee shop or restaurant. We need layers and lots of them, but no one wants to look like a snowman. So what's a girl to do? Mesh is the perfect way to layer and transition our favourite summer and fall pieces. You can throw a coat, blazer or parka over and still have a little skin showing--just to remind everyone it’s still there! You can even layer t-shirts underneath. Pairing mesh under tops gives any outfit a bit of a 90s grunge vibe which everyone is a fan of whether they'll admit it or not. Who doesn’t love black on black on black? Mesh socks are also a great way to incorporate a little bit of this trend into your daily look. 
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